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Computer Science & Engineering

Three teachers make up the faculty for Sunset High School's Computer Science and Engineering department: Jason Galbraith, Cady Geer, and Amber Arizpe. We’re extremely proud of our students and staff, who are always eager to learn, create and grow together.

Sunset offers two Career Pathways - Computer Science and Engineering. Each pathway offers tiers of classes which prepare students for what comes after high school, be that college, certification, or straight to industry. Pathway completers must take at least 3 credits of pathway classes, including the capstone course (Java for Computer Science, Engineering Capstone for Engineering), and complete an industry job shadow or internship. See Pathway maps below.

Computer Science and Engineering Pathways

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The Computer Science and Engineering department at Sunset offers 17 different classes over 2 Career Pathways. Click here to see our course options.


We have a number of activities for students outside of class. From clubs and camps to volunteer opportunities and field trips, there are many ways for students to be involved.


In addition to classes and school activities, the Sunset CS & E department helps to promote Computer Science and Engineering for all students. Click here to find out how!



Jason Galbraith

Jason Galbraith started his career with a Master’s Degree in Artificial Intelligence, but then realized he enjoyed teaching humans to think like computers more than teaching computers to think like humans. At Sunset, his classes include 3D modeling, video game creation, web design, robotics, Java programming, C++ programming, and data structures. He also coaches video game teams, mentors robotics teams, runs a few after-school clubs, and runs girls-only technology camps.

Jason's Website

  • Game Design 1 & 2

  • Java (CS 161)

  • C++ (CS 162)

  • Data Structures (CS 163)

  • Computer Science Design​


Amber Arizpe

Amber Arizpe recently joined Computer Science & Engineering after breaking out of the Sunset Math Department.  While this seemed an odd jump, Arizpe is no stranger to breaking and fixing technology.  With a background in computer engineering, she tends to anthropomorphize her multiple 3D printers, vinyl cutters, laser cutters and CAD computers to cajole them to work for students and their fiendishly creative projects..  Arizpe enjoys playing video and board games, trying interesting food and drink, using 1.0 technology, and raising her two siamese kittens.

  • Web Design 1 & 2

  • Robotics 1 & 2

  • CAD 1 & 2

  • Electrical Engineering (Electronics)


Cady Geer

Cady Geer has been a hardware geek since birth. She loves Legos, robots, gears, circuit boards, programming...all the things that make technology work. It seems almost inevitable that she would end up teaching tech. She also loves to read, play D&D, play the guitar, go geocaching, crafts a ton, and goes camping at every opportunity. She loves Sunset and her students and feels very fortunate to have such a supportive school. She's been a CS & E teacher at Sunset for 4 years and looks forward to growing the program even more!

  • Explore CS&E

  • Computer Hardware 1 & 2

  • Robotics 1 & 2

  • Mechatronics

  • Engineering Capstone


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