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In addition to classes and school activities, the Sunset CS & E department helps to promote Computer Science and Engineering for all students. Click here to find out how!

Support & Promote: Events

We give presentations on the subject of Computer Science and Engineering in education all over the place. Pretty much anywhere they will listen! In fact, if you want us to come tell someone how important it is just let us know and we'll do our best!


Want to know what students think? Good news - we asked! We've been collecting video interviews with seniors before they graduate and alumni video interviews after they've left. What they say is enlightening to say the least!


Tech Talks is an annual conference held at Sunset High School. We invite tech industry partners to come in and speak to students about either topics in technology or their own journey into industry. 
2017 was our third year hosting this event, which brought 21 speakers into Sunset over 2 days. We do our best to get these talks on video as well as presenting them live.


We have collected a number of useful resources that we use in our classes and clubs. In addition, we've created resources that you're welcome to use. No need to reinvent the wheel - borrow ours!

Support & Promote: Projects
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