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We give presentations on the subject of Computer Science and Engineering in education all over the place. Pretty much anywhere they will listen! In fact, if you want us to come tell someone how important it is just let us know and we'll do our best!

Presentations: Projects

Students should do more than just use a computer

COSA, June 22, 2017
Cady Geer, Jason Galbraith

We hear a lot about 21st Century skills and none are more central than Computer Science to our students' future success. We teach reading and math integrated into multiple subjects from an early age because we understand how foundational these skills are. This presentation will convince you to treat computer science and computational thinking the same way. We will also give you the tools to deliver these skills to students in your school starting now!

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Invention in any classroom

NCCE, March 23, 2017
Cady Geer

First, you'll be convinced that introducing invention and engineering into your classes will benefit students and teachers alike. Next, you'll get to experience what that can look like and try it yourself. Finally, you'll get some digital tools and guides to use in your own classroom to get kids up and making!

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Incorporating Computer Science in All Classrooms

NCCE, March 22, 2017
Jason Galbraith

Computer Science is related to many different topics, and it can be incorporated into practically any classroom, regardless of subject or grade. We will be looking at using Computer Science in a variety of contexts, including art, creative writing, science, mathematics, and more!

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Getting Hooked on Technology

Latino Parents Night, Spring 2017
Jason Galbraith, Cady Geer

Opportunities in Computer Science and Engineering at Sunset High School. Why you should help your kids get involved. 

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Why & How -  CS in K12

Educate & Engage, March 12, 2016
Cady Geer, Katie White

Why we should have Computer Science classes available for all students, kindergarten through graduation. What parents can do and why they should. 

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Getting the most out of your technology

BSD Future Ready Summit, May 14, 2016
Jason Galbraith, Cady Geer

Make your classroom more efficient, assess using lots of different media, and leverage technology to free up your time.

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Embedding CS in Math Courses

OCSTA Superquest, October 10, 2015
Jason Galbraith

Embedding computer science material in core math classes to help familiarize students with CS material. 

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CS in Science Classes

OCSTA Superquest, October 10, 2015
Cady Geer

Get students used to code and trying out computer science in core science classes.

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Computer Literacy in Oregon Schools

OSBA, November 14, 2014
Jason Galbraith


Bringing 3D Printing to School

OCSTA Superquest, Fall 2014
Cady Geer

Some tips and thoughts on bring 3D printing into high school classrooms.

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The Future of Oregon's Technology Education

OCSTA Superquest, Spring 2013
Jason Galbraith


How Video Game Design Leads to Software Engineering

OACTE, April 15th, 2011
Jason Galbraith

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